Top 10 Biggest Online Casino Jackpots

23 May 2010 – By Linda Jefferson

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Playing online casinos for any amount of potential winnings is enough to get the adrenalin flowing, but when it comes to the possibility of winning the ultimate online jackpots then the excitement becomes paramount.

If going after the big jackpot games is for you ,then you will want to consider these games, keeping in mind however that there are constantly new games being added and the jackpots keep growing. Casino games are categorized according to their platform or software. So although many of the casino games are similar, each platform offers their own types of mega jackpots which average around the same prices. So if you were to find a high playing jackpot in the Playtech platform like Progressive Blackjack, then you would likely find a similar one in the cryptologic platform for example.

Millionaire Genie Slot Machine

One of the favored venues of all is the slot machine, particularly this one. With a progressive jackpot starting at $225,000,000. no one would complain if they won this one before it had the chance to grow.

Mega Moolah Slots

This is a game that is well known by almost any avid slot player. To win the big one which starts at $1,000,000. you need to be sure to place the max bet. This is from the Micrograming online casino platform.

Shopping Spree Slot Jackpot

Although the starting amount for this particular slot jackpot doesn't rank the highest, it is certainly growing. It starts at $25,000. and sits somewhere around $1,030,596. mind you just as the clock keeps ticking, this jackpot keeps growing.

Millionaire's Club Jackpot

With a start amount of $175,000. this jackpot soon grows into multi mega bucks. It was won in October 2009, paying out $421,074,006. Not bad for a single spin of the reels.

Aladdin's Lamp $5

One again another one of the slot machine lover's choice. Although a lower start amount being $15,000. it had a payout in December of 2007 of $1,118,644.71. Again as time progresses so does the jackpot that’s waiting at this machine for some lucky winner. This is a Bross Media platform.

Jack in The Box Progressive Jackpot $5

This slots has no bonus games but an impressive jackpot starting at $15,000. It usually averages around $143,700 before it goes but it has been known to pay out a jackpot of $443,861.90.

Super Sevens Super Jackpot

A 9 coin slot with a starting jackpot of $200,000. with the largest known payout of $486,369.09 and once lucky winner in June 2007 hit $7,031,82,000.

Progressive Blackjack

Although blackjack is a favored by many card players both novice and experienced, it makes it far more lucrative when the opportunity to hit a whopping jackpot is there. The cryptologic platform has an average jackpot of around $135,073. It has been known to hit almost $208,000. Not bad for a day's entertainment on a Playtech platform.

Rags to Riches

A cryptologic 3 coin slot starting at $100,000.00 with a winner in 2008 hitting $235,868.59

These are all top paying progressive jackpots that one can find at the many great online casinos. They are not in specific order however, as some lucky winner could have hit one at any time. In addition to that there are always new progressives coming online on a constant basis.

What this gives you is a very good example of what could be waiting for you the next time you are ready for a little gambling entertainment. By no means is this list exhaustive either, as there are many other very lucrative and exciting progressive jackpots that we haven't even listed. If we have stimulated your interest in what our secure online Casinos have to offer, then be sure to check this out.

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