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Blackjack - the card game that can be played in live as well as online casinos and even in few poker rooms, although you will find a lot more different versions of the blackjack game, and much higher payout rates in top Online Casinos.

BlackJack - Casino BlackJack Online

Blackjack games remain the same, regardless of whether you are playing in a land-based casino or at an online casino, so before you do anything else, it is time to learn the Blackjack rules. Once you know how to play blackjack, you have to choose an online casino to play. When selecting an online casino you must ensure that you choose one, which pays well for your style of blackjack play. Read our casino reviews of the best Canadian Online Casinos, which are all reputable and reliable casinos in the internet and select the appropriate online casino website for your blackjack game.

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BlackJack - BlackJack Game Variations

Different online casinos offer players different blackjack variations, so it is important to find the casino with the most variations of casino blackjack games, if you mainly want to play blackjack - so you can switch on and off. Some of the blackjack games that are available in all online casinos, include the following:

  • Regular Blackjack - just as one would play it in live casino blackjack
  • Double Exposure Blackjack - the two cards the dealer draws will be visible for everyone
  • Blackjack Switch - you can play two hands and exchange cards between two blackjack hands as you want
  • Progressive Blackjack - allows you to enter into a $ 1 side bet to win with the chance of the jackpot for getting Blackjack
  • Blackjack Surrender - allows you to give up your hand, if you believe that it is defeated, in this case you get back half of the bet you placed

Some online casinos have several other specific casino blackjack variations which are a lot of fun. If up until now, you have never played Double Exposure Blackjack online, then you should definitely find an online casino that offers this game, and give it a try, since it truly is a lot of un, and in addition it has a better chance of winning – since you can see both of the dealer’s cards.

Something that you get in online casinos, but not in land-based casinos is the blackjack bonus awarded to you on your first deposit. If you have never played in an online casino or a poker room in internet, then you might not know that every casino offers you a bonus for making your first deposit.

Some online casinos offer bonuses for multiple deposits and many have a lot of other promotional activities which you can participate in during the game. By reading our online casino review of top English Language Online Casinos you will find more information about the bonuses and other promotions that are offered by some of the best online casinos available. We also offer more articles on blackjack strategy and rules.

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