Casino History

Casino History. Since the mid-1970s gaming software began becoming more noticeable in land-based casinos. The software-based slot machines began to replace electromechanical ones. These slot machines represented the power of computer processing and computer graphics. What was missing was a mechanism for different computers to connect to one server and use the saved games as well as application from that server.

Casino History - Era of the Internet

This problem has been solved - at the beginning of the 1990s the Internet became widely accessible. Home users were able to go in the internet from their own computers and were able to send messages to others that were connected to the internet too. The implementation mechanism of the online casinos came about in 1994. The tiny island nation of Antigua and Barbuda passed the "free trade zones" law that allowed the state to grant gaming and gambling licenses. Thus, the first online game law had occurred. Antigua and Barbuda is still one of the most popular and most respectable gaming and gambling jurisdictions.

Casino History - Microgaming’s first online casino

Microgaming became a pioneer by putting the three major mechanisms together. Microgaming - a reputable software provider based in the Isle of Man - was established in 1994. According to the casino history, Microgaming was the first to develop online casino gaming software, but lacked an essential component needed to become a fully developed interactive casino.

This essential component was being able to offer the necessary security to carry out financial transactions over the Internet securely.

Casino History - Cryptologic - Microgaming's successor

This missing component was provided by CryptoLogic, an online security software company which was founded in 1995 in Ireland. It started the first eCash applications for online casino games. In fact, it was CryptoLogic, which compiled the whole package and in 1996, the first online casino - InterCasino was founded. Since then the online casino industry has not looked back and conquered not only the big online casino Canada market, but also the USA, European, Asian, Australian and even African countries.

It is estimated that around 2006 there were up to 2300 Interactive game websites, including online casinos, online poker rooms and online sports betting, with total revenues exceeding $15 billion.

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