6 Reasons to Gamble at Online Casinos

22 May 2010 – By Jane Spiegel

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Why Online Casinos are a Good Place to Gamble?


Over the last several years with the online casinos growing in leaps and bounds so has the controversy about addictive gambling. Those against gambling feel that the online Casinos are only encouraging more individuals to spend money they don't have, and it creates gambling weaknesses. So is this true? Actually there are several good reasons why online Casino playing is a much safer way to play when it comes to the tendency to gamble too much. Here are just a few of the reasons why.

No pressure to leave

Many times at on land casinos players feel pressured into playing "that one last hand" even if they are on a losing streak. Often this is because they don't feel that they will have the opportunity to win their money back by hitting a winning streak, because they may not get back to the casino anytime soon. With an online casino however, players that are hitting a bad streak of luck will willingly leave the casino for a few hours, or even a few days knowing that they can come back to play whenever they want. This seems to eliminate that pressure that they have to make their money back right then and there and risk losing more than they should.

Choice of games

Most often at a crowded casino there is not always the choice of casino games available. This means that those that don't play the high roller games may be forced to because of there not being any of the smaller bet machines or games available. This never happens at a online casino. Whether it be a low stakes game of poker, or a five cent slot machine, there is always something available for the frugal player. This way the player is never pressured into playing beyond his budget because of lack of choice.

Time to think

It's easy to get caught up in the hype of an on land casino and end up spending more money than what was originally budgeted for. When playing online, it gives the player a little more time with less pressure to think about the money they are spending. Often this chance to have a second thought will be enough for the player to realize that he has spent his gambling budget for the night, or the period.

Online Casinos set limits

Online casinos take their clients welfare seriously. They try and take every measure possible to see that their members are applying responsible gaming practices. They go about this in a few different ways. Some online casinos will set deposit limits over a period of time. Then in addition to this, they have sections that an individual who feels that they may be having a gambling problem can go to for help.

For entertainment purposes only

One thing you will never find at a on land casino is the opportunity to be able to play for entertainment purposes only. Yet at the majority of online casinos there is a free mode for practically every game they offer. Individuals who have spent their gambling budget are often content to be able to play in the free mode just for the entertainment alone and to be able to practice their skills.

When you combine all of these points together one has to admit that playing online casino games really does create less of a risk of an individual going beyond their financial means for gambling.

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