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25 May 2010 – By Cristian Dragomir

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Ever since poker hit the television media it has dramatically increased in its popularity. Although the game of poker has been around for hundreds of years, more and more people are being drawn into it's intrigue. Part of this rejuvenation into the game of poker is the wide access that people have to watch the poker pros in action. Now with the online venues of poker playing onlookers can see the expertise and strategy that these super star poker plays put into their game of poker.

Many times ratings of the top five poker players is a matter of opinion, and is often based on specific site players. To really give credit to the foundation players of poker though one has to look at the WSOP players of all time.

Phil Hellmuth

Phil has much to add to his list of accomplishments when it comes to the world of Poker. To begin with at the age of 24 during his 1989 play in the WSOP he walked away from the game being the youngest winner at that time to win the main event. His opponent Johnny Chan did not go down easily though, and Phil had to put all he had by skills and strategy into the game. Phil managed to hold onto this record for being the youngest player to win for a whole 19 years. Added to his accomplishments was setting another record of winning 3 bracelets within one year. Aside from his first bracelet, he has given away each of the bracelets he has won since that time, to special people in his life.

Johnny Chan

Johnny believes in sharing the fame with Doyle Brunson in that they both hold 10 WSOP bracelets. Johnny was consistent in his consecutive wins of the WSOP main events in 1987 and 1988. This was followed by a 2nd place with in 1989 when he was beat by Phil Hellmuth. One of the greatest attributes of Johnny Chan's poker playing career is that he is an all round champion. He doesn't specialize in one particular game, and his bracelets have come from a variety of poker games. He is one of the top players when it comes to high stake cash games and has been so for several years.

Doyle Brunson

The name Doyle is one that is known even amongst those that no little about the game of poker. Doyle Brunson is also a classic example of how a twist of fate can change one's life. Originally it would seem that life's path was leading Doyle into becoming a very promising athlete, then as a result of an injury that was put to an end. Tough finances pushed Doyle into turning to poker as a means to generate much needed money. The Poker accomplishments of Doyle are many and just one of these was his 10th win of the WSOP bracelet in 1975.

Johnny Moss

A WSOP regular, Johnny Moss played in this most elite event from 1970-1995 and it would be fair to say that this type of loyalty to the game of poker itself is impressive. During that time he walked away the winner of the WSOP three times, and has a total of eight bracelets in his possession. In addition to this though he did okay with the money winnings as well with ending up a money winner fifteen times. Johnny has also made a name for himself with the renowned starting hand Ace-10 being named after him.

Erik Seidel

Erik has held his own with the best in order to become one of the best. With the loyalty and financial backing of a few friends Erik headed off to his first WSOP. The end result was his 2nd place win against Johnny Chan in 1988. Over the year his expertise in Poker play has lead him to the win of 8 bracelets and a great deal of money in cash winnings.

As mentioned we will all have our favorites but there is one thing we will all agree upon and that is that there is a whole lot more than 5 Poker greats in the world of Casinos. For other great news about the online casino world be sure to check this out.

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