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3 July 2010 – By Linda Jefferson

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The object of this casino game of blackjack is to get as many cards as you need in order to get the count up to the number of twenty-one or as close to it without going over that number. Face cards which are the kings ,queens and jacks are worth a total of ten and then the ace can be worth either eleven or one whichever you need.

When the first two cards are dealt to you and they amount to twenty-one (an ace and a ten) then you win automatically unless you tie with the dealer and then no one wins. A blackjack casino player can stand with what he has at any time that he wants.

A bust is when you are dealt cards that add up to more than twenty-one. You need to beat the dealer without busting. Add the value of the cards as you go and hopefully they will amount to twenty-one or as close as you can get.

A blackjack table will seat about six people who want to play. There are then six or eight decks of cards which are shuffled together and put into the box which then dispenses the cards one at a time.

Before you can get a blackjack card you must place a bet and then you will receive two cards which are dealt face up in front of you. Then the dealer will receive one card up and then one card down. Then everyone has a turn at getting more cards to get themselves to or as close to twenty-one without busting. Then the ones who have not busted wait for the dealer to take a turn and turns up the down card. The blackjack dealer must stay if they have a count of 17 or higher but if it is below 16 then the dealer must draw again.

If you get 21 on the first two cards then you will receive one and a half times your bet unless you tie with the dealer and then you will get your bet back to you, as to the blackjack rules.

The rest of the blackjack playing people who have a better count than the dealer all get the amount of their bet back to them. If you are lower than the dealer then you lose your bet. If the blackjack dealer has a bust then all the rest of the players win their hand and their bet.

There are all kinds of other ways to bet and win called double-down and that means that you can double the bet after the first two cards are dealt. Some live and online casinos have different blackjack rules for this.

You could surrender your hand and lose only half of your bet.

You could bet an blackjack insurance where you would bet anywhere up to half the amount bet that the dealer will not have a blackjack. This is only allowed when the dealer is showing an ace card up.

You can play a split hand when the two cards you are dealt are the same. You then play them separately and bet the same for each hand.

A soft hand is valued at 11 instead of 1 as in a hard hand. Now that you have mastered the mystery of blackjack, are you ready to see what else the online casinos have waiting for you? Then don't delay, check this out now!

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