Roulette. Reviews of Live Casino Roulette and Online Roulette Game.

Roulette is one of the oldest and most popular land-based casino games and its popularity has rubbed off as well. There is not a single online casino that does not offer online roulette. Roulette is a very simple game to learn.

You can learn to play the game online or at a land-based casino in a matter of only a few minutes, without truly understanding the probabilities. Of course the more you know about a game the better off you are for winning. You will always have to fight against the house advantage. Once you start playing roulette, your best bet is to choose a relatively slow table with not a lot of people at it. This will help you learn the game and still get a decent amount of winnings for your bets.

Roulette Rules

In roulette you will be given chips to place bets with. Unlike other casino games these chips do not have a numerical value printed on them. Casino roulette usually has six to eight sets of coloured chips with about 300 chips in each of the colours. In roulette, the chip denominations are determined by the player. Each player at the table is going to have their own colour chips and the numerical value on those chips is decided by how much you have wagered.

In other words if you were to exchange 100 dollars for chips you will get chips so that your lowest denomination would be 5 dollars. Most roulette tables will not allow you to place a lower bet. The token given to the player on top of the chips shows the value the casino is awarding those specific chips.

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European Roulette Game

The most popular version of roulette is the European Roulette Game. European Roulette has 37 numbers on the wheel. These are the numbers 1 to 36 and 0. If 0 is called, all bets are lost, except those placed on the single number 0. This creates a house edge of 2.57%.

American Roulette Game

Another popular version of roulette is American Roulette Game. American Roulette has 38 numbers on the wheel. These are numbers 1 to 36, 0 and 00 (double sero). In this case all bets are lost of either 0 or 00 are called, except those placed on the single numbers 0 or 00. Because of this the house edge is 5.26%. American Roulette Game is considerably less profitable for online roulette players.

French Roulette Game

There is a kind of online roulette that offers an even lower house edge than European Roulette Game. This is French Roulette, which has a structure identical to European Roulette Game. However the difference is a unique rule known as “La Partage.” Under this rule if 0 is called then half of all the even money wagers are returned to the respective players. Because of this the house edge falls to 1.35%. It is due to this low house edge that very few online casinos offer the French Roulette Game.

Mini Roulette Online

Another kind of roulette game that is offered in some online casinos is Mini Roulette. This has 13 numbers – 1 to 12 and 0. Because 1 number in 13 results in the loss of all bets as compared to 1 number in 37 in European Roulette Game the house edge is 7.69%. Some online casinos that offer this variant offer some bonuses to draw players to Mini Roulette. However it is best to stay away from this game.

Roulette Royal by Microgaming

Another variant of online casino roulette that bears mention is Microgaming Roulette Royal. It has a progressive jackpot with a $1 mandatory side bet. If the same number is called five times in a row, the player hits the progressive jackpot. The house edge of the side bet is atrociously high, especially at low values of the progressive jackpot. But the jackpot is known to go as high as $660,000.

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