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14 May 2010 – By Linda Jefferson

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Anyone that has ever had the pleasure of visiting an online casino will tell you no matter how basic it is there is a slow flow of adrenalin that starts to materialize. On the opposite side of the coin, there are those that have not visited a online casino site, simply because they cannot come to grips thinking that they could be anywhere near the excitement that an on land casino offers.

One of the risks that has been taking place however is that the online world has become inundated with casinos, and the fear was that they would start to become mundane. Meaning once you have been to one, then you have been to them all. Much to the surprise of many this has not turned to be the case.

The favorites

If you think about it even though there are not nearly as many on land casinos, there is still a few to choose from and everyone has their favorites. The same concept applies to the online casino establishments.

Using competition to your advantage

In any event the competition is fierce amongst these gambling institutes, and there is only so much money to go around from would be players. This means the push is on for one Casino to rise above another, and so forth.

Looking for great incentives

This makes it most beneficial for the seasoned casino player, as well as the newcomers. At one time it would seem that they was some great incentives to get you to make your first deposit, and then once that was accomplished there were no more incentives other than the hopes of striking it big with a jackpot win.

Online casino shopping

This is where the multi choice of casinos online has become advantageous to the player. Now one can shop around to see which casinos are offering what to their established players. The times of casino marketing has made a drastic change in this department. Now the Casinos have to be just as concerned about holding onto their membership as they do at drawing new members in.

Watch for the lucrative bonuses

So the question is how are they going about this? Well in what the online casinos would call the "good old days" they only had to offer a one time lucrative sign up casino bonus. That is not enough anymore. Simply because maybe they are offering a 100% signup bonus but the next casino under them on the search engines is offering a 150%. This is almost becoming like a price war.

It goes way beyond this, and that’s in connection with the deposit bonus. It was pretty well the mandate of every casino to do a deposit match as we just outlined with the sign up bonus. Now many casinos are offering reload bonuses. Which means now you can even reap the bonus benefits on your second and third deposits. The best part is as long as new online Casinos keep popping up, it only stands to get better for the Casino player.

So now instead of becoming comfortable and just keeping your seat at the same Casino for months at a time, you need to step it up a notch, and keep a watchful eye out for what's hitting the market by way of welcome and deposit bonuses.

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