Safecracker Slot Game from Playtech with Progressive Jackpot


Safecracker Slots online - This is a slots game from Playtech which offer the Bonus and Progressive Jackpot features. By offering an average Progressive Jackpot of over 60.000$, Safecracker slot machine is part of the bigger slots group.

Even if it has such a big hit size, the jackpot can’t reach a million dollars since it happens very often. The player can bet as low as 25 cents and has to spin the lines so that a combination of symbols is reached. One of the great features of Safecracker slots is the Progressive Jackpot.

From every bet that players use to play the games in the Playtech casinos, a small portion is delivered to the Jackpot fund, which increases constantly. To obtain the Jackpot, a player has to play with a maximum bet, which is 15$. If the Safecracker player gets three dollar bills symbol on the pay line, then he has won the whole amount of the Safecracker Playtech slot's Progressive Jackpot prize.

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