Playtech Bingo

Playtech Bingo

Playtech Bingo Games. The bingo options offered by Playtech are some of the most sought after by players in the online world. There are so many choices available, that players will have a hard time deciding in which of the 4 Playtech Bingo halls to play. Each one has different features from the other ones, to assure the ultimate diversity:

Playtech Bingo - Cabana café

One room is the Cabana café that features a bingo game with 75 balls. Players can use between 3 and 135 cards during a game and these cards have prices of 5, 10 or 25 cents. The usual jackpot reaches about 1.000 dollars;

Playtech Bingo - 90 Ball Bingo

Another hall is the 90 Ball Bingo Hall. Players must purchase between 1 and 100 cards for every game and each card is valued at 6 tickets. The prices for each ticket are the same as the cards of the first hall. They must be bought with at least 3 hours before the game;

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Playtech Bingo - Liberty Lounge

The third hall is the Liberty Lounge, with cards valued at 2 or 5 cents. Each player must have over 3 and under 100 cards and he must buy them with at least 3 hours before the game;

Playtech Bingo - Penny Lane

The last hall in the Playtech bingo game is the Penny Lane. Each card is worth 10 cents and players can join one of any 10 games an hour. They must buy between 10 and 135 cards with at least one day before.

One of the features that make these halls famous is the chat rooms where people can interact while playing bingo. These are available all the time and attract many players, making Playtech Bingo on of the most popular games in the industry.

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