What Are The Best Hands In Online Casino Poker

13 March 2013 – By Huseyin Yilmaz

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Men and women have always loved to gamble, and although in the past it may have seemed that men predominately did most of the gambling, nowadays, women not only gamble as much or even more than men, they are often more successful as well. There are probably many reasons for this, such as them being able to be patient and using their head rather than the adrenalin found with gambling, and if you look online at many of the virtual casinos that offer the game of Texas Hold em and many other popular games, you’ll find that many more women nowadays are becoming professional gamblers and are playing casino style games online to make their living.

Online casino Texas Hold em is very similar to other types of card games, but no matter which type of poker you’re playing, there is a rating system to show what hand is better than the other. For example, the royal flush is one of the toughest hands to get, and basically it consists of five cards of the same suit, the ace, the king, the queen, the jack, and finally the ten.

With a straight flush, it is very close to the royal, and it must be the same suit but it can be any sequence that doesn’t connect to the ace.

The next highest hand is four of a kind of the same rank, and if there is a tie the extra fifth card will determine the winner. This is only applicable when there’s more than one deck of cards.

The full house is where you have three cards of the same suit and another two cards of the same different suit, keeping in mind that the higher ranking full house will be the winner in the event of a tie.

Another excellent hand is a flush, and although it follows the full house and the other above mentioned hands, it is one that can often make a big difference no matter how much you’re playing for.

A straight is where you have five cards all in order, but you do not have to have them of the same suit.

Three of a kind sort of speaks for itself, meaning you have three cards the same, and two other related cards. Again if someone has a higher ranking three of a kind, they are the winner.

Two of a kind and high card are the final two sets of hands, again with the two of a kind you have 2 of the same cards in different suits, and three other unrelated cards. With the high card, obviously the ace is the highest; the king is next, the queen follows and so on.

Now you know the ratings of the different card systems and by practicing on a regular basis, you too, can have some great enjoyment and have an opportunity to win some great cash.

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