Learning The Various Live And Online Casino Terms Part 6

25 August 2013 – By Huseyin Yilmaz

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You may never have realized that there were so many different terms specifically associated with gambling, but as you can see it is almost like there is a special language only gamblers are privy to. Already we have listed 40 individual terms that are directly related to gambling, both at an online casino or a brick and mortar facility. Here we go with another 10 to expand your gambling language even further.

51. Pigeon-This is a term that you do not want to be referred to, as it means a player that is not very knowledgeable about the game they're playing.

52. Payoff-This is what an individual will receive if they have won in any type of casino style game.

53. Pit-Although this term is not usually associated with online casinos, if you're playing at a brick and mortar facility, you will generally find that most of the games are set up in a type of circle, where in the middle, or the pit, you will find the managers that look after the individual games and dealers.

54. Press a bet-This term refers to a player increasing their wager with extra money after they have made a winning bet the hand or game before.

55. Ploppy-This term describes a player who is relatively new to a game and is making mistakes on a regular basis, but yet still has the gall to try and instruct the other players at the table.

56. Progression betting-This is when a player starts to increase or change their wagers as the game goes on.

57. Rated-Generally when a player is rated it refers to what type of skill level they are at, and generally how much they regularly play for, if they are playing for real money. Generally the higher you are rated the more benefits you'll receive, such as getting free drinks and meals at a land based facility, and perhaps more bonus points and other benefits if you're playing at an online casino.

58. Racinos-If you have picked an online casino that offers both horse racing and casino style games, you will be playing at what's known as a racino.

59. Rathole-Again, this is a term that generally is used at a live land based casino, and is used to describe a player that slowly hides away some of their chips, so that they don't have the appearance that they're winning, or ahead of the game.

60. RFB-If a player is rated as an RFB, it means that they are a valued customer who most often receives free food, all beverages for free, and many times even their accommodation, to keep them happy and playing on a regular basis.

Here we have covered another 10 interesting terms associated with both live and online casino gambling, and you have to remember that these are only just a few of the more popular terms that are associated with gambling, and as time passes you will be introduced to even more as time goes on.

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