Learning The Various Live And Online Casino Terms Part 5

24 August 2013 – By Jane Spiegel

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Obviously, when playing live in the past, there often might have been more situations where you would hear some of these terms, but with the recent technological advances that some of these online casinos are now showcasing, including games such as poker, where you can actually watch your opponents via a video camera and microphones setup for the game. You’ll also hear these terms at an online casino in their chat rooms, where you can actually carry on conversations with players from all over the world. Here we go with another set of 10 of some great gambling terms.

41. Jackpot-Obviously what every player wants to hit is the jackpot, whether you're playing table games, or games of luck, such as slot machines and craps for example, the jackpot is what you're looking to win. Especially nowadays, with some of the online casino new slot machines that offer progressive jackpots, the money that can be won can potentially be life changing amounts that in some cases can exceed more than $1,000,000!

42. Johnny's- There are many different names when you're talking about certain card combinations, and this term refers to jacks.

43. Load-A load is where you are wagering the maximum amount of coins, or spins at a slot machine, or a video poker machine. There is another meaning associated with loads as well, and this when a player gets a marker or an IOU that is approved by the casino.

44. Mechanic-Again, this term is associated with playing live, and it is somebody that is able to cheat by using sleight of hand techniques that make it difficult to be caught.

45. Maximum bet-just like it sounds this term refers to a maximum amount of money you can wager no matter whether you're playing table games or slot machines for example.

46. Nickel-The term nickel refers to somebody betting $500. You'll find other terms such as a dime that refers to wagering $1000, and there are other terms for other types of bets as well.

47. Net winnings-Once you have finished playing for the day or night, and you have separated the amount of money you started with compared to what you have in total, this would be your net winnings.

48. On tilt-If you find a player who has suffered a bad beat or bad hand at a particular game, and because of this they start to play erratic or wild, they would be considered on tilt.

49. Overlay-If a player has an advantage bet, it would be considered an overlay.

50. Odds-There are few different meanings for odds, but when associated with gambling it means what type of chances a player has of winning, and is generally represented by a percentage. For example, if there is a 98% odds of you winning at a particular online casino, it means for every dollar that is bet, 98 cents is returned to the player or players.

Obviously as stated, some of these terms you may not hear in an online casino unless you're using the chat line or playing at one of the new sites that offer both live speech and video feed. Follow us along in our next article as we will continue with terms starting with the letter

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