Learning The Various Live And Online Casino Terms Part 3

22 August 2013 – By Jane Spiegel

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No doubt by now you might be quite confused and overloaded with all the various terms we are talking about. When it comes to any type of gambling terminology, whether you’re playing live at a brick and mortar facility, or you’re playing at one of the many online casinos that are available nowadays, there are a lot a terms to learn, but once you start to play on a regular basis you’ll be surprised how quickly you will learn the gambling dictionary. Here are another set of terms that are popular in the gambling world.

22. Dirty money-When you hear this term, it refers to all the losing bets that are gathered up by the dealer.

23. Down to the felt-This is a term no player wants to hear, because it means that you’re broke or busted, and out of money to play.

24. Drop box-This refers to a box at the various gaming tables where all the cash, markers, and chips are held.

25. Drop amount-This term refers to both, the player’s or the casinos, in regards to the money lost. For example, if you as a player lost $2000, this will be your drop amount. On the other hand, if the casino paid out to you because you had been lucky enough to be a winner, then that would be their drop amount.

26. Eighty six or 86-Another term you do not want to be applied to you as a player is 86, because it means that you are banned from playing at the particular casino you’re having a problem at. Although it rarely happens at an online casino, for the most part the only way you can be banned is by trying to cheat, or constantly swearing and being vulgar on the chat lines.

27. Edge-This term refers to an advantage you would have against other players or the casino itself. On the other hand the casino may have an edge as well, depending on what you choose to play.

28. Eye in the sky- This popular term refers to all the different cameras found in a land base casino. This is a very popular and well known term, because it has been referred to in some of the best casino based movies. Mentioned in such movies as Bugsy, Casino, Ocean’s Eleven and Twelve, as well as Casino Royale to name but a few, when you walk into a casino these cameras can watch your every move.

29. Face cards-Many people know this term as it refers to all the King’s Queens and Jacks, from the deck.

30. Firing-In casino talk, this refers to a player wagering a large amount of cash in various table games.

Again, here are just another few terms that you can add to your gambling dictionary. You’ll find that the more terms you learn, the more you will actually hear them in the various conversations surrounding both online casino gambling, as well as playing at a brick and mortar facility. Where in the past they may have slipped by you without you wondering too much about what was said, once you know the terms, you’ll be able to respond correctly in the conversation, and again show both your friends and opponents that you are true gambler.

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