Learning The Various Live And Online Casino Terms –Part Two

18 August 2013 – By Linda Jefferson

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It our first article of the series we looked at the different terminology associated with gambling, both at a live brick and mortar facility, or nowadays even with one of the online casinos found the Internet, giving you the terms and what they mean. Carrying on where we left off in our previous article, we are going to touch upon a few more terms that you might hear in a land base casino or even online.

11. Card Sharp - Very often this term is referred to as a “card shark” and they pretty well mean the same, which is somebody that is an expert, or professional, at playing the various popular card games, such as blackjack, poker, and even baccarat for example.

12. Casino - Ironically enough, casino actually means a dance hall or a place where music is played for the public.

13. Cheques - This actually refers to the proper term used to describe the various playing chips.

14. Chase - This term refers to a situation you never want to be in, where you are chasing down money that you have previously lost.

15. Comp - This particular term refers to a couple of different things that may vary from site to site and location to location. At a live brick and mortar facility, it may mean a free room, free food, or free beverages, where at an online casino it may refer to points, free spins, free games and extra bonuses and promotions that may be awarded to you for being loyal and a good player.

16. Chip Tray - This particular term refers to where the dealer keeps their chips, or at an online casino you will see an image of a tray that portrays the dealer’s chips just like in a real casino.

17. Cracking The Nut - This means that once a player has finally finished for the day or evening and they have deducted all their expenses, cracking the nut means how much of a profit they made at the end of a playing session.

18. Coloring-Up - Although at an online casino it is done automatically, coloring-up means when you exchange lower denomination of chips for higher ones. For example, if you happen to have twenty $5 chips it would equal $100 and you could trade these 20 individual chips for one that is equal their worth.

19. Credits - This term is especially applicable to online casino gambling and is one cash unit or even a game for that matter, depending on what you are playing. For example, if you happen to have five credits in a quarter slot machine, it would mean you have a $1.25

20. Croupier - This is a French term that means “the dealer” and is often heard when people are playing baccarat.

21. Crossfire - Although this never happens at an online casino, a “crossfire” is when dealers are talking with one another, and not paying attention to the live game playing in front of them.

We’ve just listed another 11 terms that are popularly used by people in regards to gambling, both online and at a live location. Although you may find there are some that stand out more than others, trying to remember all the different terminology be confusing at first, but as you play more often, you will find that it won’t be long before you are playing like a pro and talking like one to.

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