Learning The Various Live And Online Casino Terms – Part 1

17 August 2013 – By Huseyin Yilmaz

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Whether you play at a live casino or at an online casino, you no doubt have heard different terms and expressions surrounding different parts of the game and you may have wondered what these mean, as well as the various other terminologies that are associated with gambling in general. There are many different terms that go hand in hand with gambling and we’ve had to split these into a number of articles, and these are just some of the more popular terms that you would hear when gambling. Not only will these tips enlighten you about what these terms mean, they will also impress your friends and show that you are true player.

As stated, these are just a small amount of different terms, and we’ve listed them down in no particular order, except the starting letter, to make it easier. You will hear different terms when you’re playing different games, but rather than separate them based on what you’re playing, we have found it easier to list them numerically.
1. Action - Action generally refers to what types of games are offered on the casino floor and in the case of online casinos, what the site itself is offering their members, in regards to games. The more action, the more games.

2. Bankroll - This is how much money you have to play with in your casino account.

3. Bet - Also known as a wager, it is how much you are using for that game or hand.

4. Barber Pole - Though more applicable for a brick and mortar facility, a barber pole is describing the different colors or denominations in a player’s stack of chips.

5. Buy In - This is when you are changing your cash into chips to be used for a game. This can also mean what it costs you to get into a tournament or game.

6. Black Book - You may have seen this in the movies, but it is applicable to both live and online casinos, and it means where people are listed that have been banned from playing at a particular site or location. Generally this is because they have been classified as a cheater or an undesirable individual.

7. Capping - This term refers to people that try to cheat by putting extra chips on top of the original wager once the game has started.

8. Cage - Usually referred to as a spot to hold wild animals, when you are talking about a cage and gambling, it is referring to where the casino cashiers are, and again this is basically applicable to a land based facility.

9. Case Bet - This pretty well means the same as “all in” and refers to when a player wagers all their remaining chips, or money, on a particular hand.

10. Carpet Joints - This particular term refers to fancy five star luxury casinos, but is also been recently known to refer to some the best online casinos as well.

These are just a 10 different terms that are associated with gambling, both live and online, and in our next article we will give you another set of 10 terms that you can use to impress all your friends and fellow opponents.

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