Learning The Various Live And Online Casino Terms – Part 8

30 August 2013 – By Cristian Dragomir

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These last few terms will complete our series on the different words or phrases you might hear when gambling online or at a brick and mortar facility. Hopefully you will have found this information interesting and helpful, and no doubt you should be able to impress friends or fellow opponents alike with your vocabulary when it comes to the terminology surrounding any different type of casino style gambling. Although there are many terms to take in, as stated earlier, you will be surprised to how quickly you will remember them, especially when they are spoken in a conversation at the table.

67. Toke-Although this term has a few different meanings that many people will understand, when you refer to this term in regards to gambling, it means a gratuity or a tip that you paid to a dealer or a casino employee.

68. Tapping out-Just like in the UFC, tapping out means you have lost it all, meaning you have lost all your money.

69. Tom-The opposite of somebody who tips generously would be known as a Tom. These types of individuals never tip any dealer or casino employee, no matter how much they win.

70. Underlay-Different than what you use with your carpet, when you refer to an underlay in casino terms, it means you have placed a bad bet.

71. US casino Megaclubs-Just like it sounds, this term refers too many of the big land based casinos that have somewhat merged together to form a mega club. There are many benefits to playing in these clubs, such as accumulating points that can be cashed in for all different types of rewards, including accommodations, food, entertainment and even chips to play with in some cases.

72. VIP-This acronym stands for “very important person” and in casino terms it is a client that is well looked after and pampered in many ways. These types of individuals normally always spend a lot of money and because of this they normally don’t pay for anything else except their gambling. This means that their rooms, their food, all their drinks, entertainment and everything else the casinos offer are all available at no charge, in order to keep these players happy and gambling all the time they are visiting.

73. Vigorish-Also known as the “vig” this is what the casino charges, or makes when they place a specific type of wager, depending on the game that is being played. For example, there may be an entry fee for a type of tournament, or if a sports wager is made there may be an extra charge that the casino will make for placing the bet or there may be a commission made if the bet is a winning one.

74. White meat-Obviously different than what’s on a chicken, the term white meat refers to a gambler’s profit at the end of the day.

75. Whale-A whale is the proverbial VIP and is a player that is well known for gambling with large amounts of money.

That concludes our series on the various casino terms you would hear at an online casino or a live brick and mortar facility. Obviously there are many more, but these 75 are the most popular and well used terms in casino jargon.

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